Water & Flood Damage

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If you live in or around Madison, you understand water damage can be a problem. Water damage due to appliance failure, burst pipe, sink overflow, or natural disasters can be scary and destructive. They will happen out of the blue without warning and need to be dealt with fast. Water damage should be considered an emergency, and depending on the cause, it can lead to a host of health concerns including mold invasion.

When dealing with water damage in Madison WI, it’s essential to seek professional help for reliable, trained, and experienced service. At Service Master Restore, we have made effective and lasting water damage restoration part of our core objectives. We offer complete water damage restoration service that covers all the permanent parts of your structure, including; walls, floors, wiring, and piping as well as its contents – appliances, documents, furniture, and textile.

We also offer emergency services, our staff in on standby 24/7 all year long waiting to take your call.


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  • IICRC Trained and Certified Technicians
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Residential & Commercial Water Damage Cleanup

356-8888ServiceMaster Restoration Services in Madison specializes in water damage. Our fully trained and certified technicians handle water damage the best way possible, so your residence or commercial property returns to its normal state quickly. They are all bonded, licensed and insured for your protection because we want you to feel completely confident in the services we’ll provide.

Water damage occurs for many reasons.

  • A bad storm could knock a tree into the roof causing rain to pour in.
  • An unknown leak in the roof could end up bringing in enough rain to destroy floors, walls, and furniture.
  • A leaky or burst water pipe can cause water damage over time or quickly.
  • Broken water heaters can release gallons of water damaging floors and walls.

Mold can start to grow as soon as one day after water damage has occurred. Mold can further destroy your residence or commercial property. It can also cause health problems that can be difficult to treat. To ensure that mold doesn’t grow, contact the ServiceMaster Restoration Services Storm Damage Madison team.

Restoration and Clean Up Process

At ServiceMaster Restoration Services, we understand the devastation that water can have in a residence or commercial property. We’ve selected top of the line equipment and products to clean up and restore this damage, so that our customers are satisfied with the services we provide. When our technicians arrive at your home or business, they will analyze the situation to determine the best way to treat it.

Often times, the first step is to mitigate the water that’s collected on the floor. We’ll then use advanced equipment to dry out the area thoroughly. Once the area is completely dry, the cleaning process begins. This cleaning will also deodorize the area, which can become quite putrid when water remains stagnant for a while. After the cleanup, the area will be completely restored to its original state.


We’ve been in business for 26 years with many satisfied customers in Madison. We have our main office a short drive away in Baraboo, WI to help as many customers as possible. If you’ve been a victim of water damage – big or small – call us right now. We’ll work with your insurance company to help with the coverage needed for our cleanup and restore services. Before you know it, you’ll have your home or business back to normal, and no one will ever know there was ever any water damage.

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