Perhaps the best part your summer is getting out to do some grilling, but fire prevention experts are warning, between 2009 and 2013, more than 350 fires were caused by home grilling units.

To keep you grilling experience from going up in flames, it’s best to leave at least three feet of space around your grill for safety, never let the flame burn without you nearby watching it, and if the flame goes out, turn the gas off and wait about 15 minutes before relighting it.

As the summer sun heats up, fire safety experts also warn that the mulch typically used around your home in gardens and flower beds dries out, making it flammable with something as small as ash from a bon fire, grill, or even cigarette ash. Certain fire extinguishers won’t be enough to put out the type of fire that starts in mulch, because it can smolder underneath for hours.  Even if you think you put the fire out, call your local fire department to be sure.